Inspiring Women
Our Story
The Story Behind Inspiring Women
Inspiring Women was founded by former England Rugby Captain Catherine Spencer. Catherine recognised that so many inspiring women's stories of determination, belief, focus, trust, leadership, communication, hard work, team work and sacrifice were not being shared with organisations who could benefit greatly from those stories. Catherine set about sourcing Inspiring Women speakers and coaches from sport and business who she believed could communicate their stories and lessons effectively. Catherine was amazed at how passionate elite athletes, coaches and business women were about sharing their lessons so that others can benefit from them. The result has been a team of Inspiring Women with the ability to change the lives and attitudes of the people they meet.
What can you expect from us
All of our speakers will most definitely inspire; whether they have scaled the top of Everest, lifted trophies and captained international teams, won Olympic medals or broken new ground in their field of expertise there is a story to reach and inspire every section of your workforce.
All of our speakers have nurtured immense Self-Belief in order to reach and achieve great heights and their stories will demonstrate the importance of such Belief to drive forward, to break new ground and to reach new heights. Our speakers can share the power of Belief and demonstrate the strength that it provides.
World finals, Olympic medals, world records, overcoming adversity, setting new heights – our speakers have most certainly achieved. The stories they can share will demonstrate what it takes to achieve and inspire your workforce or your team to achieve their targets and set new and higher goals.
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