Inspiring Women
Who we help
Inspiring Women connects some of the most inspirational women.
Inspiring Women helps companies who want to inspire their people to improve their performance and improve their lives. We give companies incredible access to some of the most successful and inspirational women in the world in their particular areas of expertise.
Our speakers and trainers have all overcome adversity and achieved success and they have learned how to achieve success in their own particular way.
Here are the types of people who we can help:

Executive Leadership

We can help your executive leadership team to remember what is required to be successful. Don’t assume that just because your executives are at the top that they don’t need to be inspired or spurred into action. Let us help you choose the most Inspiring Woman to work with your leadership team.

Team Leaders

Our inspiring women can share their experiences of leading teams to the top of Everest or to the podium at the Olympics. If you want to provide your staff with something different then let us know.

Talented People

If you have people in your organisation who are talented and who have potential to achieve but need to be inspired or to increase their confidence, then we can help.


We have Inspiring Women who understand the psychology of the team and the Power of the Team. We can share experiences and lessons that can be a turning point in turning a group of individuals into a team who wants to win for each other.

People Who Have Experienced a Low

If you have an individual or a team who have experienced a real low or a major set-back then we can introduce you to Inspiring Women who have achieved an equal or even worse low and still came back to win in life or sport or business.

Winners Who Want to Stay at the Top

Your company and its leaders may be at the top of their game but staying there is often as hard as getting there. We have Inspiring Women who remained at the top of their game for many years and can share what they did in order to do that.

People Driven to Perform Better

If you are interested in how top performers achieve success consistently then our Inspiring Women can share lessons in communication, leadership, integrity, work rate, humility, collaboration and team work, overcoming adversity and developing a winning attitude.
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