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Catherine retired from International rugby in 2011 following a very successful career. Following her first cap in 2004 Catherine went on to win 63 caps for England, score 18 times for her country and captain the team for over 3 years.

Wild Weekends


This weekend J and me went on a mini break; Bridget Jones would have been proud. We did not drive in to the countryside in a convertible, neither did I pack my Bridget Jones pants. I do own numerous pairs but none of them fit and trying to disguise my now 6 month, very obvious [...]

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Mum’s not the word 4


Since #BabyBear was born at the end of May I have been asked, with about the same regularity and frequency of my macaroni cheese eating, whether I have been to ‘a group’. I have been eating a lot of macaroni cheese. Until last week my reply was always lengthy and somewhat sheepish; trying to think [...]

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Mum’s not the word 3


What is a mum meant to do? I feel guilty for not working when I am playing with Baby Bear. I feel guilty for not playing with Baby Bear when I am on my laptop. I feel guilty for thinking about going back to full time work, I feel guilty for thinking I shouldn’t. And [...]

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Mum’s not the word 2


At 10 weeks post-partum (posh way to describe after childbirth) I am very familiar with the things that they don’t tell you so I will share some more of my wisdom: Constipation and Haemorrhoids. Neither pleasant. Having really big ‘number 2’s’ (sorry there is no intelligent way of describing this) is also, weirdly, a common [...]

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Mum’s not the word


My last personal blog was written a whole three months ago so I thought it was about time I picked up the pen again, metaphorically speaking, and give you all an update on #BabyBear and #JeffTheFern. A lot has happened in three months. Firstly, I have lost over two stone. Amazing! And I lost the [...]

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The real world


So after 9 months of getting acquainted with the idea of #BabyBear (or 9 months to get over my denial) I am now faced with the real thing. And I can tell you with 100% certainty that she is the most gorgeous baby in the whole wide world! Obviously! At 4am during the first morning [...]

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Sandy and Danny


So, let’s start with the really shocking news. That apparently Hollywood are making a ‘prequel’ of Grease the musical. Noooooooo. Some things should just be left as they are. There is a reason that Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights (also an attempt at a prequel of sorts but basically with the same story line) completely ‘bombed’. [...]

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