So, Baby Bear’s heartbeat sounds like a fast-moving train! We listened to this during our midwife visit this week. J was smiling, I was smiling. I was smiling because J was smiling, he says he was smiling because I was smiling. So, which one of us smiled first? And was it because there were actually some emotions emerging? Or were we just smiling at the funny train noise.

I have also had a referral through for an appointment with the doctor; apparently, I am on some kind of ‘at risk’ list because I am old and fat. Well, officially my BMI is a little too high. I probably should not call myself fat but I am ready to take action. I draw the line at cutting down on bread, but I have booked in to a “bumpfit” class on Saturday morning. I am a person who in the past trained every day, often twice per day, who has for the last 16 weeks trained zero times per day. My body is becoming wobblier by the second, my muscles are deteriorating and my ‘famous’ quad muscles have paled in to insignificance. I need to take action…. but not until Saturday. I will enjoy another day’s rest until then and after the class I will probably need a few days recovery but small, achievable steps is the name of the game. I have also promised myself that I will go swimming once before Christmas so this will be 2 sessions in the next three weeks. I think that is a pretty good improvement!

Having been told in March that I have arthritis in my knee and that I should never, ever run again (next step is a full knee replacement) I was determined to take on some kind of swimming challenge. Since March I have not so much been near a swimming pool to pick up a timetable. So, my first step, on the road to one day swimming some kind of ocean, (a warm one but preferably one with no sharks, jellyfish or seaweed) is just to get in to a swimming pool. This promise is now public so I have to do it! For those who know me, you will know how tough this will be. I don’t particularly like water, I really, really do not like putting my head in the water and I struggle to both float and move forward when ‘swimming’. Keep reading over the next couple of weeks to find out my progress.

Sickness has returned this week a little annoyingly but hopefully just a blip, frequent urinating is just normal now, I am still a user of ‘Tena’ lady products but on a positive I managed to get through Orchestra without being sick or weeing myself. Well done me. I probably didn’t play many correct notes but at the moment bodily control is a bigger success measure for me.

Unicorn Brexit; I now really have no idea what is going on. I’m a Celeb; I also have no idea what is going on. But the big global news is that Jim Robinson is returning to Neighbours. Wow! To make it clear he did die in 1993. But Harold seemingly came back from death several years ago and I still can’t really work out if Andrea is Dee who also apparently died or if Dee is Andrea…too confusing but please, please someone work out that their Mum is who she is and is evil. If you don’t watch Neighbours you are missing out! Get some reality in your life and watch the Australian Soap.

Jeff is doing really well, he can probably have his splint removed soon I would think. J got excited the other day as he announced that when we are away later in the month, he can use his ‘Alexa’ app to play music to Jeff while his on his own in the house. J said all this quite seriously. I am a little worried about J.

In rugby news the old premiership ‘ring fencing’ argument is rearing its ugly head again. Mainly by clubs in the premiership wanting to secure their status in a precarious year for the bottom half of the table. In an era when rugby has, with sadness to many of us, become a business, get real! Businesses have to work hard every day to stay at the top, you need to do the same in rugby. Promotion and Relegation is one of the best things about the sport. And I don’t even need to mention the success of Exeter, do I? Perhaps we should have a referendum to decide…..that will surely be the simplest way!