I am not doing PE with the oh so positive and upbeat Body Coach Joe every morning I can tell you that. I am not going to become one of the smug ones sharing with the world that they worked out with Joe then they worked out with Davina and then they cleaned all of their kitchen cupboards. This morning I made a cup of tea. And then it was lunch time.

I should do PE with Joe every morning however because yesterday when I was out for my one walk of the day, I realised with stark reality, with a thunder bolt so harsh that it made me jump, that I wobble. All over. And not just my belly. I, Catherine Spencer, am a person who wobbles. I have bingo wings. And even worse than that I have whatever the equivalent is for legs. My legs wobble. And to make matters worse Facebook taunted me this morning with an image that it threw up from five years ago of me in rugby kit. With said leg muscles very evident and clear to see. And now because we are not allowed to go, I have a convenient desire to go to the gym. It will conveniently disappear again when we are allowed out. I hope. Otherwise I will have to go to the gym.

On more of a positive note – because of all of the muscle wastage in my legs I can nearly fit back in to my trouser test trousers. You know the trousers that everyone keeps from when they were in their late teens; the trousers that you try on occasionally and say that you will wear them out again when they fit. My pair of trousers are pin stripes. This trend has yet to come back in to fashion, I am waiting for the occasion. I may be waiting for a long time, stripes on trousers may never be back on trend. But in case they do the stripes no longer bend where they are not supposed to. The stripes now run down in lovely straight lines down my legs which gives me joy when I look down. So, they may be covering a multitude of sins but there is always a silver lining.

And silver linings really are what we all need to be looking for in this current time of oddness. My silver linings are:

  1. Facial hair plucking not quite so urgent due to social distancing in public.
  2. Need to come up with new excuses for not attending mother and baby group now eradicated.
  3. Guilt for not attending mother and baby group now eradicated
  4. Baby Bear’s Swimming lessons cancelled. Although she is highly independent and advanced, she does still require me to get in actual water with her. This causes a few problems. I have to edge towards the pool cross legged in a way that someone might do if they were in desperate need of the toilet due to my downstairs having not been maintained in manner of regular bikini wax. I think everyone wonders why I do not go to the toilet before the lesson. J did the first lesson with Baby Bear. It was lovely to watch; they both loved it. I was yearning after J’s long swimming shorts.
  5. Near on impossible task of getting yourself and a 10-month-old wiggle machine changed after swimming cancelled.
  6. Requirement to sing and be enthusiastic in aforementioned swimming lessons eradicated.

I am sure as the days and weeks go on, I will be presented with some more sliver linings and I will gladly share them with you to keep up the nation’s positivity. I am happy to do my bit for our country. In other news #JeffTheFern is looking really good. I think he is happy that the sun is starting to shine a little more. He is currently within two metres of the other fern though so I may have to move him. He has always had a rebellious streak.

Photo by Simone Viani on Unsplash