• ENQUIRY – Please send us an email, complete a contact form or give us a ring to let us know about your event. There is no need to worry about awkward conversations about different fees because all of our speakers are charged at the same rate.

  • PROPOSAL – We will provide you with a proposal of 1-3 speakers based upon your event requirements and theme. Once we have received your enquiry, we are well placed to select the most suitable speakers for you. You may find that it is a speaker you were not necessarily thinking of but we are experts in our speakers and pride ourselves on creating relevant client and speaker matches.

  • AVAILABILITY – Once a preferred speaker is agreed we will check speaker availability. If our first-choice speaker is not available we will check availability of other shortlisted speakers. We rate all of our speakers so highly that we know you will be pleased with any of the speakers suggested.

  • CONFIRMATION – Please ensure that you read the confirmation carefully and check details. We do not ask for deposit payments prior to your event as we like to work based on trust and good working relationships. Our speakers will at this stage confirm the date in their diary and start preparing for their delivery.

  • LOGISTICS – We will discuss the best way to arrange any travel or accommodation if required. This may be arranged directly by the speaker, by us or by you.

  • EVENT INFORMATION – We like to provide an event information document for our speaker. We may ask you for further information at this stage so that our speaker can be as best prepared and equipped as possible to deliver their talk.

  • FINAL STAGES – We will keep in contact with you leading up to the event; we will arrange a phone call between the client and the speaker if required and ensure that any presentation material is transferred to the client in good time before the event. There are so many things to juggle when organising an event – we want to ensure that booking your speaker is as seamless and worry free as possible.

  • THE EVENT – If you are promoting your event via social media we will help to share through our own channels.

  • AFTER THE EVENT – We will send our invoice to you as soon as possible following the event to include the speaker fee plus any additional expense costs. We also love to receive feedback from our clients on the delivery from our speakers and on your experience working with Inspiring Women so we will also ask for this at this stage.


  • BOOKING PROCESS – CHARITY RATE : We are committed to providing two charity rate bookings per month. If you are a school, charity or amateur sports club we would be very happy to hear from you. Please let us know about your event and we will agree an appropriate fee. We will then work with you as we would any other client and follow our booking process as outlined above.

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