Inspiring Women is an agency providing female speakers from the world of sport, adventure, military and beyond.

According to the Small Business Association only about half of new businesses reach the five-year mark. Inspiring Women is in the good half. We celebrated our 5th birthday in April 2019!

Some of our successes:

• We have increased the number of bookings year on year – they have actually gone up a whopping 263% since our first year of trading.
• We have increased the number of speakers on our books year on year – but not by too much. We believe in quality over quantity as we like to provide a personal and bespoke service.
• We have stuck to our values and our initial reason for being. We were set up to provide a platform to find and encourage female speakers and that is exactly what we are still doing. We are the platform ‘putting female voices first’.
• We now live by this: ‘Find something that you are good at and make it great’. We are good at the business of Public Speaking – over the next five years we are working towards making ourselves great!
• We have worked with some great organisations over the last few years ranging from schools to large global corporations and other organisations including charities and sports clubs in between. Thank you to all of our clients who have helped to make us grow. We look forward to continuing to work with you.
According to the Small Business Association – following the 5th year milestone just 1 in 3 of the fifty percent of business that make it this far reach their 10th year. I promise that Inspiring Women will be here in another 5 years’ time and we will share some more of our good new stories.
For any enquiries regarding a speaker for any event please email or contact us via our website