So, I have now been demoted. I am no longer a high-risk pregnancy, I have not got younger or lighter but it seems that the risk boundaries have changed. So, I am low risk; low risk of what? Having a baby? Not having a baby? I have no idea, but it means that I don’t have to go to quite so many appointments or provide quite so many urine samples or have my blood pressure taken quite so often. Even though I am rapidly approaching 40 it is now considered to be perfectly acceptable. Why? Because 40 is officially the new 30. We all know that.

So, it is great that I am now officially ten years younger but due to this pregnancy thing symptoms of old age are increasing. Facial hair growth, bladder issues, forgetfulness, and something else that I can’t remember. I barely remember to leave the house with the standard requirement of keys, wallet and phone these days, let’s hope I don’t do a Cameron and leave the baby behind in a pub. I think we might be dog sitting for an hour on Saturday. This will be good practice; as much as J loves Jeff and I kind of think he is ok he doesn’t challenge our parenting skills too much. But we can reward ourselves with the fact that Jeff is still alive.

Away from baby stuff, because I can still talk about things other than babies (although you wouldn’t know it as that is the only thing that people talk to me about now), Unicorn Brexit is still dominating the headlines. But no-one really knows what the headlines are. Everyone has a different opinion on what democracy is, everyone has a different opinion on whether we should leave or remain, those that want to leave have a different opinion on how we should leave, those ‘leading’ our country now require inverted commas wrapped around their ‘leadership’ and Gary Lineker is becoming more famous for his political views than his crisps or football. But if we end up with ‘No Deal’ – whatever that actually means, I can predict with some certainty that the resulting traffic jams in Kent will be way more impressive than the one that they tried to organise in preparation.

In rugby news, because really everything always returns to rugby, the 6 Nations will soon be upon us. Owen Farrell has been elevated to the single occupier of the captaincy for England’s men as Dylan Hartley is out injured. It will be interesting to see if Owen requires inverted comas around his ‘leadership’ too or whether he only needs them for his ‘arms’ that he ‘always’ uses in the tackle. Those of you not completely versed in the intricacies of rugby will have no idea what I am talking about but don’t worry!

J returned from his work trip bearing more gifts, I returned the niceties by being pretty grumpy. But I am pregnant. My excuse for everything at the moment. May as well get some perks of the job until the actual perk comes along. The same perk that will mean I get even less sleep that I am getting now, will have no time to do anything but will have everything to do that I currently have on my to do list plus the addition of keeping a small human alive. But at some point, I am sure I will join all of the other new Mum’s out there and tell you that it is all worth it! You will forget all of the sickness and misery when your little bundle of absolute joy appears; or something like that.

In nutrition news bread is still the main source of happiness but Mars Bars and Orange squash now also seem to be bidding for top spot. I did explain to J that I was eating a balanced diet; I like healthy food and I do eat vegetables however I also like unhealthy food like chocolate bars. That surely is a balanced diet. Still working on my January 2020 money making diet plan but I think I might be on to something. In swimming news, I managed 18 lengths of granny breaststroke this week, pushing past my target of 16. The challenge will be next week as my friend might not be able to make it. Will I be brave enough to go on my own?