Tomorrow – Friday 8th March – is International Women’s Day. I own and run a company called Inspiring Women and I am going away to spend time with friends for a few days. I am taking two days off work at what really is the busiest time of year for us. Am I really silly or am I trying to make a point? From my perspective the sooner that we don’t require IWD the better. Because that will mean that we are somewhere approaching equality of opportunity. There is also an International Men’s day before anyone complains, held in November, but it does not get as much publicity or traction or following. Us girls can make quite a noise when we want to! But the worry of a ‘day’ is that for some organisations ‘celebrating’ IWD it is just that. A tick box exercise. But really, I am not complaining, we make our most revenue in March. I guess what I want is that same revenue every month. Then I can go on way more holidays. Surely that is what IWD is really about!

This week saw the arrival of a lot of clutter. What you think is just a pushchair or pram is so much more. The sum of its parts has now taken up nearly all of our living area. It did come with an instruction manual but as I have not got a PHD in mechanics it may as well be written in Japanese. So, my tactic is to leave it in parts until Baby Bear arrives and hope that some kind of maternal instinct kicks in and I can enter Britain’s Got Talent as a speed pushchair putter upper. It will also be good to acclimatise to clutter – this will be a challenge for both J and me. The keeping the baby alive and healthy is clearly the easy bit.

More on the Pug news from last week. The German town in question who removed said Pug from family home due to family not paying various debts (including dog tax) and then selling on well known online retail outlet are now having to defend themselves as to their decision to remove the cute little pet. Apparently, there was nothing else worth taking. There was a wheelchair as discussed last week but I feel that they made the right decision. I actually think the family should have thought out of the box. If all they had was really a pug and a wheelchair then place pug in wheelchair, invite Tracey Emin to assign her name to it, give it a fancy modern art name like….’Pug in Wheelchair’, and they would have made millions. Problem solved. It would have blown ‘Unmade Bed’ out of the water. Town will benefit from increased tourism, family will be able to buy furniture and pay off debts, new owner will not be raging about vets’ bills. All will be well. And they can go back to watching the daily soap opera in Germany that now airs called “Brexenders” *. Just watching it makes viewers feel so much better about themselves. Doctors are prescribing a daily dose of 24 minutes. It would be 30 minutes but 6 minutes are taken up by advertisers. Someone has to pay for the German health care system.

I am not mentioning Jeff this week. Since the arrival of ‘New Plant’ he seems to have developed a sense of entitlement and wants royalties every time I write about him. I give him water, I re-located him to tropical climes – what more does he want? J really needs to keep an eye on him. **

Baby Bear was measured at my mid-wife appointment yesterday, slightly above range on the growth chart. She had better come early if she continues on this trajectory. All good apart from that but I am still tired. Oh, so tired! I parked the car up the other day and got out without remembering to switch the engine off or take the keys out of the car. Luckily J was with me and pointed this out before I got too far away from the car.

This week I cried more watching Neighbours than I did watching the film Beaches. That is quite something. RIP Sonja. And to the actress who has effectively been ditched because Neighbours are in a little financial difficulty, I hope you find a new job soon. You were very convincing at dying but this may not help you to find long term work. You should not have been quite so good at it. It is like Sarah Bern transferring from the back row to front row and being really good at it. Now she is stuck in the nightmare that is the front row. If you need to know more watch England women take on Italy this weekend. It will also be interesting to see what tactics Italy men have in store for England this time round. If you are bored check this out – hilarious: Haskell and Hartley and referee Poite just a little throwback to the 2017 6 Nations.

*Just to be clear this is made up. There is no such thing…. but I might add it to my list of potential money-making idea along with my new year common sense diet. Still working on a name for that one.

** I made this up too. Normally my blogs are completely and utterly 100% factual but I have a bag to pack and a train to catch so I am in a rush.