So, let’s start with the really shocking news. That apparently Hollywood are making a ‘prequel’ of Grease the musical. Noooooooo. Some things should just be left as they are. There is a reason that Dirty Dancing: Havanna Nights (also an attempt at a prequel of sorts but basically with the same story line) completely ‘bombed’. When something is good there is no reason to mess with it. Fawlty Towers only lasted 7 episodes, Gavin and Stacey quit while it was ahead and the oh so successful ‘Fleabag’ will never see another episode made. Thank you. Enjoy, relish, don’t try and repeat. Also don’t try and create a new before – whilst we still have imaginations (before they are completely taken away by the need for instant information and technology) allow us to use them. Danny and Sandy’s summer romance should be left for us all to enjoy in our own way. ‘Summer Lovin’ the song is enough – do not damage it. And for those lucky enough to have once experienced the ‘joys’ of a holiday romance again let us be able to cling to Grease to erase those memories. My holiday romance when in Magaluf, with a young man from Wolverhapton, in reality was a little deflating. Let me imagine that for one summer I was Sandy. Let me always have that……..and back to the real world. Last night I went to the toilet 27 times.

Actually, it was not that much – it was probably closer to 7 but frustratingly frustrating. Especially as it seems to be directly linked to the decreasing ability to get out of bed easily. And then when I get back to bed, I repeat the arduous task of trying to find a position that is actually comfortable – I eventually find this only to then need the toilet again and the whole process starts again. Just lovely.

And to top it all I think I am going grey. I guess the grey may take the attention away from my still lingering dandruff but I don’t want either. Please pregnancy God, please start being nice to me? What have I ever done to you? This morning my right nipple really, really, really hurt. Is this another one of those preparing for childbirth things? If I am able to breastfeed is this what it is going to feel like the whole time? And please – don’t answer this. I don’t actually want to know. Last week I bought a few more bits and pieces ready for my upcoming hospital visit. Included were breast pads, maternity pads (a bit like my Tena lady but chunkier) and disposable pants. What is happening to me? I am looking forward to the day when I can go in to a shop and buy some clothing that is actually nice and flattering and not designed for bodily fluid leaks and accidents.

Jeff the fern has had to be moved again. He really is leading a little bit of an enforced nomadic life at the moment but without going in to the logistical intricacies – we had to move the desk out of my office as that will now be Baby Bear’s room, the desk had to be moved in to our spare room (which also doubles up as a dressing room – sounds posh but our main bedroom is not big enough for wardrobes) so my lovely dressing table has had to go to temporary dressing table heaven (my parents loft), and the toiletries that were on said dressing table– ie J’s beard stuff mostly and a few tubes of mascara for me, have had to be re-located to the bathroom and because of this Jeff is now sat on the desk. All very complicated – especially considering that babies are so small when they first come out. Why does there need to be so much upheaval? Crazy!! But secretly I am enjoying it. I love moving furniture round and re-organising rooms. There is probably some kind of psychological reason for this but I have always loved it. Even when I was young and I had a fairly small room growing up I still managed to re-arrange that room approximately 357 times. And every time I got a kick out of it. If anyone wants any of their rooms re-arranged please let me know. I am sure I can make a business out of this. If that lady can make a successful career and TV series out of folding up people’s T Shirts then I am sure I can do this….I will just need to wait until I am slightly more mobile.

And just a slight unicorn Brexit update – cars are still driving down the HGV lane on the M20 in Kent. Do people not look up when driving? At all? Serves them right if they get stuck for days when operation Stack is enforced. But if a year’s delay happens (which is a possibility) will these lanes and the 50mph speed limit also have to remain for a year? Please no! Ironically delays were caused this week by an incident whereby suspicious devices were placed on a rail track with an accompanying extreme pro-Brexit explanation ……the devices were found due to European safety regulations that had been enforced. They didn’t think that one through did they!

And back to neighbours; poor Elly Conway is getting her knickers in a very complicated twist. If she does pursue this pregnancy I for one am not looking forward to observing her become a still very slim person but with a very compact bump. She will still be fully made-up every day and will have brushed her hair. The pregnancy will last for about 8 weeks then baby will be born and Elly will immediately be slim again within about 5 hours. I may have to stop watching Neighbours for a little while.