Annie Vernon

Olympic and World Champion Rower; Author of ‘Mind Games’

Olympic and World Champion Rower Annie’s international career spanned 8 years and saw her pick up two World Champion gold medals, 4 World Cup series wins, an Olympic silver medal and a plethora of other World champion and series final finishes.

Annie will take you on her own rowing roller coaster of life and making notable mention of her Beijing Olympic Silver medal, describing what it is like to see Gold taken away from your grasp during the last seconds of a race and how a moment like that is overcome.

Annie focuses clearly and concisely on the areas where elite sport interacts with business and the techniques that can apply to both. From team work and maximizing the potential of those around you, to goal setting, change management, and delivering under pressure. Annie has a unique perspective on what makes teams tick and how to achieve consistent and resilient success: learn her strategies that have been tried and tested in elite sport to apply to your own high performing team.

Training for and competing at two Olympic Games within a highly pressurised sporting environment, Annie will certainly add value to any business event. Since retiring from international sport following the London 2012 Olympics Annie is able to look back and provide a unique view on this gruelling life with insight and humour. She is able to shed new light on the oft-asked question of any elite athlete; “why on earth do you do it?”

Annie is now a regular contributor to BBC and other publications writing on and providing expert opinion on a range of sporting topics but particularly areas concerned with how the mind works in relation to high performance. Annie is author of ‘Mind Games’: an insider’s guide to the psychology of elite athletes. The book draws on Annie’s own experiences as well as delving in to the minds of some of the best coaches, psychologists and athletes from around the world.

In Annie’s own words ” I love the challenge of communicating what it is about sport that makes it so human, so emotional, so visceral…”. Annie is an accomplished speaker with a fantastic ability to deliver key sports messages effectively to the business world.


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