This weekend J and me went on a mini break; Bridget Jones would have been proud. We did not drive in to the countryside in a convertible, neither did I pack my Bridget Jones pants. I do own numerous pairs but none of them fit and trying to disguise my now 6 month, very obvious pregnant belly seems pointless and possibly a little uncomfortable for Baby Bear. So, I am now revelling in it. On Saturday evening we went to a friend’s party. I wore my trusty black dress that still fits even though I am now much larger than when I last wore it. Normally I would accompany the dress with said pair of Bridget Jones pants and a slightly strained facial expressing due to constant breathing in. Not this time! And oh, what a pleasure. I just let my belly hang out and eat the buffet with relish. Not edible relish but emotional relish. J and me left the party at well gone 10pm; I think at about 5 minutes past. A whole 65 minutes past my target of 9pm but having only arrived at 8.15pm after missing the concept that it was a surprise birthday party and we really should have been there to add to the surprise effect we felt that we needed to last a little longer. We were still last ones in first ones out but hey, Baby Bear was tired.

The next day, via a rugby game for me and a gym session for J (I was not playing before I get any complaint messages) we headed down to London-on-Sea, or Brighton to give it it’s official name. We stayed at a quirky, rock and roll boutique hotel. We arrived with a band in full swing in the bar. What did we do? Headed up to our room and crashed out. Rock and Roll indeed! But we got up at 7am and went for a lovely early morning walk. I think this means as well as being with child we are also officially old and boring. Oh dear. We will have to live vicariously through our child when they are old enough to do anything interesting but, of course, pretend at the time to be disappointed with their actions and decision making.

The weekend also saw England men lose to Wales. There would have been dancing on the streets of the Welsh capital on Saturday evening that is for sure and 100 newspaper headlines the next day declaring a successful year for the Welsh. It does not matter what else happens all season as long as they beat the English. True fact, they even have t shirts printed alluding to this. Owen Farrell has gone from hero to zero and now there are more people moaning about the kicking game. I and my twin brother have been doing this for years but now this particular moan has become popular we will have to find something else to rant about. We can’t be taking part in mainstream negativity.

Jeff now has a new housemate as J was presented with a new plant for his birthday. They are yet to meet; Jeff is still in the bathroom and the new plant is downstairs but I imagine that they can sense each other’s presence. I hope that Jeff will not get 1st child syndrome. I will need to make sure that J continues to give Jeff plenty of attention and spend quality time with him so that he does not feel left out. Hopefully they will get on well as brother and sister and be proud of each other’s achievements.

Brexit is now not just a unicorn, but a unicorn that is carried along by a flying pig. Meanwhile Trump was flown, not by pigs, but by Airforce 1 halfway around the world at huge expense to meet with Mr Jong Un and come to no agreement. Brilliant. Trumps amazingly eloquent, insightful conclusion was that “Sometimes you have to walk”. Perhaps he can give Ms May a call or a tweet as per his preferred method and suggest she do the same. Then we can all get back to our daily lives and read about something other than Brexit in the papers.

S**t is getting very real. After making use of the lovely display of pushchairs and prams in the well-known department store that ‘never knowingly undersold’ and speaking to one of their advisors for a good 20 minutes – following which we had to sign a form (health and safety gone mad) – we then directed ourselves to the well known online 2nd hand retail outlet and spent much less money on the same product. It is amazing what you can pick up on this online site. In Germany a Pug has recently been sold on the online retail outlet by a German town having seized the pet, rather than a wheelchair, from the owner who apparently owed the town debts. The Pug was deemed more valuable than the wheelchair. You would hope that the fact that Pug’s are tiny and probably could not serve the purpose of the owner’s wheelchair if they had left with that instead may have influenced decision making. The new owner of the Pug is now trying to claim some money back after forking out huge expense on vet’s bills due to eye problems. Probably would not have happened if they went to Mr Lewis to purchase said Pug. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Hopefully our pushchair will be ok.