Bonita Norris

Adventurer, Author and Public Speaker

Youngest person to stand at both ‘Tops of the World’

Bonita Norris is one of the UK’s leading adventurers. She has spoken at hundreds of events and has been touted on numerous occasions as the most inspiring speaker event organisers have ever come across.

Aged 20, Bonita, who had never climbed a mountain before, announced to family and friends she was going to one day climb Mount Everest.  Fast forward three years, aged 23, Bonita Norris became the youngest person to have stood at both ‘tops of the world’, the summit of Mt Everest (2010) and the geographic North Pole (2011) having ignored such comments as ‘people like us don’t climb Everest’.

In 2012 Bonita became just the third British woman to climb Mt Lhotse – the world’s 4th highest peak but considered technically more difficult than Everest and to this day Bonita continues to push herself to the limit both mentally and physically. In 2016 she attempted to become the first woman to summit K2 falling narrowly short after the mountain threw everything at her to stop her in her tracks.

Bonita charts her rise from novice climber to standing on the top of Mt Everest in just two years. She takes her audience on a journey, from the moment she makes her decision, to the toils of raising sponsorship and the intense training required for a Himalayan expedition. Accompanied by stunning photographs she tells her up close and personal anecdotes of what it’s actually like to climb the world’s highest mountain.

Bonita’s story is about taking on a big risk, of commitment, and of a personal struggle. Her aim is to make every audience member reflect upon their own life goals and the challenges they face, and equip them with the techniques she used to through her toughest moments. Bonita tells of the lessons she learnt as an ordinary girl taking on an extraordinary and overwhelming challenge. Her message of marginal gains, not giving in, and always keeping our minds open to new opportunities and challenges is as relevant to a graduate audience as it is the board of directors.

Bonita is author of her own book: ‘The Girl Who Climbed Everest’. Published in 2017 the book received fantastic reviews as well as widespread media coverage.


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