Janette Cardy

Triathlete, entrepreneur, coach

The saying ‘Life begins at 40’ is quite apt for Janette Cardy. After suffering two strokes following thyroid problems as she was about to turn 40 Janette was forced to re-build. After losing movement down one side of her body and being told that she would never participate in sport again was a real low point for Janette. Added to this, further complications meant that Janette completely lost her voice for 4 months – another ‘taken for granted’ skill that Janette had to re-teach herself through intensive speech therapy. At the same time Janette was breaking away from a challenging marriage; there was nowhere else to look downward so the only option was to look up, to start looking forward. Now Janette is using her voice to share her story and messages of resilience, goal setting and motivation.

Step by small step Janette forged her way ahead, first by regaining strength and movement following her two strokes. This allowed Janette to start re-setting goals and clarify her focus. To keep her moving forward she set some fitness goals within a brand-new sport of Triathlon. Leap ahead many more incredible steps and Janette now has a number of European and World Champion Gold medals to her name. 

Janette is also a successful entrepreneur running her own business Janette Cardy Fitness offering a variety of different service within the fitness and wellbeing industry. Included is triathlon training, her new found passion. Janette now enjoys coaching others as much as she enjoyed competing herself; this desire to inspire others is evident in her public speaking.

Janette’s story is one of pure determination to move forward along with extreme resilience. Her ability to effectively move the goal posts in front of her has meant ongoing success in both her own fitness gains and business career. Many of us go through forced changes in life or work; Janette’s story will inspire any audience to remain positive but focussed through such changes.


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